Advanced Leadership Training

4-Day Advanced Course - Dan Dorr

The Advanced Leadership Training (ALT) is five days in length, including a day outdoors. There is no prerequisite to attend.


This training is highly experiential, practical, and unique. ALS is perfect for leaders, managers and teams, plus individuals who want new breakthroughs, insights and applications that will benefit both their professional and personal lives.


This program will energize, inspire and motivate your people. In the seminar we will examine unconscious roadblock-beliefs that stymie the best a team has to offer and, transform those roadblocks into a clear six-lane results-producing highway. This is not your off-the-shelf standard fare training or lecture program. Participants get to step into personal leadership and experience for themselves the value and benefits of a transformed, aligned self and team.


Results that can be expected from the Advanced Leadership Training:

  • Greater Self Confidence and Courage.
  • Individuals will shift from compliance to commitment.
  • Move from a “silo” mentality to an inspired team.
  • Transform limiting hidden assumptions and beliefs.
  • Communicate more effectively.
  • Understand and work with difficult people.
  • Resolve resentments.
  • Tap into natural enthusiasm.
  • Master your fears