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Advanced Trainer Development Testimonials

This Facilitator course tremendously contributed to the improvement of my ability to be fully present and to communicate from a deeper level and from a caring heart. I would recommend this course to anyone who is ready to take his or her presentation and communication skills to a higher level.

In my position as the Senior Vice President of Human Resources, I am in touch daily with all employees from the teller line to the boardroom. Presenting to an audience and meeting with employees regularly is a large part of my job and in order to be successful, the ability to be fully present and to communicate from a deeper level and from a caring heart is an absolute must.

Theresa Obispo; Senior V. P. of Human Recourses, Bank of Guam

“Even trainers need training!! The experience, the knowledge, the tools gained and learned in this seminar” cannot be found in any institution of learning. It was phenomenal, refreshing, and opens you up to a new way of being and learning! I have a new perspective, a new level of energy and I am motivated and inspired to make a difference and make every thing I do count!

If you think you have done it all and have learned everything needed to be the best trainer or facilitator, try attending this Seminar!! Someone asked me to describe the course and I immediately blurted… Assessing my ability to lead, influence and direct others was an eye-opener.

Thank you Dan for bringing this seminar to Guam! This price-less experience has made a difference in my life both personally and professionally.

Agradesimiento! (With heartfelt gratitude)

Angie Franquez; HR Director, Telecom

Once again Dan's approach is what makes his seminar stand out from any other courses I've attended throughout my 30+ years in business. I can't give enough praise to Dan and this course for my own personal and professional development.

I feel my role as a "manager" is that of a leader, and as a leader I am responsible to bring about an outcome by providing indirect or unobtrusive assistance, guidance, or supervision to the individuals and organization I'm responsible for. In Dan's seminar, The Art & Beingness of Facilitation, he actually focused on me, the individual, so that I can now better understand why some things I do are effective and other are not. I also learned how to catch myself when falling back on ineffective habits and stop and refocus on my intent.

My husband and kids also benefit since relationships are relationships in or out of the office.

Margaret Tyquiengco, Zerox Regional Manager

It was a surprise that the Facilitator's Training Course was not actually focused only on presentation or coordination techniques like previous training I've completed in my career. This course guided me to focus on myself and learn how my energy (and the conscious and subconscious behaviors that accompany this energy) affects other people in my life beyond those times when I'm facilitating.

The experience and realizations of myself that I've obtained in this course were extremely powerful, yet very refreshing as I feel I am now equipped with knowledge that will allow me to transform into the person I intend to be - both professionally and personally. The knowledge I've obtained will also allow me to be more aware of how others are reacting (either consciously or subconsciously) while I am present so I may adjust my energy accordingly to be more effective in my intentions.

With the troubles that I have continued to face in my life, both personally and professionally, this course has given me understanding, opportunity and a choice to transform. I will forever be grateful.

Sincerely, and written from the bottom of my heart,

Joe Pereira, Assistant Executive VP, Human Recourses

This course created a space in which I could be vulnerable… to allow myself to experience challenging situations that resulted in adding valuable knowledge to my toolbox.

Three Key Areas for me were:
  • Understanding the beingness of facilitation
  • Presentation exercises that provided open and honest feedback from which to improve from
  • Customized presentation techniques and tips to enhance facilitation skill

  • Roland R. Franquez, District Sales Manager, Canon