Mastery of Beingness & Facilitation

Mastering Communication, Facilitation and Presentation

In this course you will deepen your knowledge, technique and expertise in speaking to groups or facilitating a team. Crucial to leading and working with others, is the ability to facilitate steady breakthrough and transformation in yourself. This course is designed to support insights, breakthroughs and actions and assist you in taking your game to the next level regardless of your training experience.

The Mastery of Facilitation is highly experiential and involves lecture, practice, feedback & interaction. We will utilize “real-time” coaching conversations, incorporating new as well as time-tested practices.

1.) the process of making something easy or easier.
2.) a process that trainers, team builders, meeting leaders, managers, and communicators use to add content, process, and structure to meet the needs of an individual, group or team.

Who will benefit from this course:

  • Team leaders, facilitators, clergy, and public service professionals who present or speak to groups
  • New facilitators or those who want to be a trainer or facilitator
  • Expert trainers who want to sharpen their skills
  • Team and corporate leaders
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Anyone who wants to deliver more effective presentations

The training is delivered in a respectful, professional context with ample breaks. Course materials are provided. Please allow time in the evening for short assignments regarding the information. The number of participants is limited due to the “hands-on“ opportunity to receive feedback, coaching and interaction. The training is an ideal opportunity for any individual that would like to create more consistency in the results of their communication.

You will Learn and Practice The Eight Fundamentals of Facilitation Mastery

  • Quickly connect with your audience
  • Enhance your ability to “read” a room or team
  • Shift the energy of a room or team
  • Address challenging people and unexpected events
  • Effectively get your point across
  • Deliver presentations with both power and compassion
  • Manage team or group dynamics
  • Inspire and move people

Additional Advanced techniques

  • Understand and apply new models of awareness and consciousness for working with groups
  • Uncover & breakthrough unconscious competing commitments and beliefs that sabotage success
  • Use "Tone" as the carrier of intent
  • Experience new transformational processes
  • Sharing 30+ years of facilitation secrets from an internationally renown Master Facilitator
  • And much more...