The Cornerstone Seminar

A Three Day Event: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The Cornerstone Seminar is designed to help you discover belief systems and ways of being that no longer serve you and prevent you from achieving your dreams and full potential. Cornerstone challenges you to honestly and responsibly identify your strengths and weaknesses, making a clear, fresh assessment of you are what it takes to be where you want to be.


Through attending the Cornerstone Seminar you will empower yourself to recognize and build on the inner strengths of both yourself and others. You will discover how to rise above both external circumstance and self-defeating internal dialogue. In addition you will learn how to effectively communicate with and motivate others.


The Cornerstone Seminar will assist you achieving clarity and focus while teaching you a few simple, yet powerful tools for developing thought processes to maximize your effectiveness, create more balance, improve relationships at home and at work, and discover your power to attract the wealth you truly desire, and deserve into your life.


More of what you can expect to gain from The Cornerstone Seminar:

  • Ability to Produce Positive Results regardless of circumstance
  • Develop a Win-Win mentality
  • Increased Creativity, “thinking outside the box” to increase your income
  • Develop or Improve Healthy Personal and Professional Relationships
  • Dramatically expand your awareness of Abundance Consciousness
  • Eliminate Procrastination
  • Accept and Appreciate the power of feedback, “the Breakfast of Champions”
  • Understand the value of Authenticity and Integrity and their impact on you
  • Move from Compliance to Commitment both Personally and Professionally
  • Elevate your capacity to love and be compassionate for yourself and others


Gaining a better understanding of human behavior and the reasons why “you do what you do”, will place you in a unique position to improve results in all areas of your life.


The training you will receive by attending The Cornerstone Seminar has the ability to create an amazing shift in your life. Stop living your life by default and start living a life by design.