Advanced Leadership Conference

The Advanced Leadership Conference (ALC) is five full days, including both indoor and outdoor components. The venue is the amazingly beautiful Peaceful Valley Resort just south of Lyons, Colorado ( Your registration fee is all-inclusive accommodating five days and nights of room and board, conference fees and all materials. While prior experience in personal or professional development will be useful, there is no prerequisite to attend.


This conference and training is highly experiential, interactive, practical, and unique. ALC is perfect for leaders or developing leaders, managers and teams, plus individuals who want new breakthroughs, insights and applications that will benefit both their professional and personal lives.


This program is designed for you to energize, inspire, motivate and significantly enhance your connection to all of your relationships: self, family and work team. In the seminar we provide growing edge processes to uncover, examine, and resolve unconscious roadblock-beliefs that stymie an individuals best performance. Learn how to transform those roadblocks into a clear six-lane results-producing highway. This is not your off-the-shelf standard fare training or lecture program. Nor is it a simple repeat of existing Advanced Courses or Seminars. Participants get to step into personal leadership and experience for themselves the value and benefits of a transformed, aligned self and team.


The Peaceful Valley Resort in the Rocky Mountains is the ideal venue allowing you to truly get away from your day-to-day business and life—to spiritually renew, restore and reset. Cabins are double occupancy with a private bath (private rooms are available for an extra fee). Most rooms have both a fireplace and hot tub. Just behind the main venue room is a large deck overlooking a quiet river—just a few steps from your cabin.


A sample of ALC Exercises and Processes:

  • Low and High Ropes Events.
  • The Samurai Game ®
  • Competing Commitments: Uncovering and transforming unconsciously what is really driving and stopping you (this is the new, complete and updated version).
  • A native cleansing and purification ritual that is totally new for most of us, (yet ancient), designed to resolve incomplete or stuck issues and beliefs from the past, including resentments, grief, shame & guilt.
  • Creating a powerful, contextual stand for your future.


Results that can be expected from the Advanced Leadership Conference:

  • Greater self-confidence and personal power.
  • Shift from habits or practices of Compliance to Commitment.
  • Move from a “silo” to a “we” mentality, team or mindset.
  • Transform limiting hidden assumptions and beliefs.
  • Communicate more effectively.
  • Motivate and work more effectively with difficult people.
  • Resolve resentments.
  • Making peace with the past.
  • Tap into natural enthusiasm.
  • Unleash the power of innate courage.